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Blackstone Fit



Are you looking to increase your upper body strength without having to go to a gym with fancy equipment? 


Muscle loss is an inevitable change that happens after the age of 35.  Let's push back and fight it!  Strengthening your upper body will increase skeletal muscle which will increase metabolism!

During this 14 day Push Back Challenge you will not only strengthen your upper body but also your core. The only 'equipment' you will need is a stability ball (or a stack of pillows), and a pair of dumbells (or soup cans, or water jugs!)


*Challenge begins Monday October 16th -29th


Push Ups


The push up (aka a moving plank) is a simple upper body exercise which strengthens your shoulders, triceps, chest, and core.  

While push ups can be daunting for many of us, this is the perfect time to work on them.  This challenge is for all levels - it is my job to challenge you and I promise, I will!

During these 14 days you will be doing push ups (all kinds) every other day, alternating with back and core exercises on opposing days. You will increase your push up strength  while balancing your posture.




7 Days
Outdoor Exercise
Image by Adél Grőber

Back Exercises

7 Days

A balanced workout should include opposing muscle groups, therefore 7 out of the 14 days you will be doing upper back strengthening exercises. 


Strengthening your back will:

  • -improve balance

  • -decrease back pain

  • -help prevent injury

  • -increase spinal stability

  • -improve posture.

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