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Webcam Personal Training

Workout in the comfort of your own home.  No special equipment is needed, just an internet connection.  Dawn has been training clients via Skpe/Facetime etc for 10 years now.  You get the same personal attention and customized workouts without driving to a gym.  Get started now!

(206) 388-7428




I have been working with Dawn since 2008 and we used to meet and have our workouts at the Four Seasons Seattle gym.


Now that I have moved from there, I tried something I had resisted for some time:  Skype workouts.


They are the BEST!  Now I can be in the comfort of my home and have a thorough workout with Dawn.  I only need a small space with equipment I already had here.  No driving.  No parking.  And we still enjoy our great conversations while getting the same hard workout I used to get in person.


I can now have access to Dawn from all over the world!  I am hooked!

Alex M.



I  started training with Dawn via Skype about 18 months ago to get serious about my fitness and to help strengthen my back. I work in a sedentary job that involves a lot of repetitive motions while locked in a hunched posture. I got frustrated because I started throwing out my back more and more often. It got to the point where I would be hesitant to even turn around to look behind me while backing up my car for fear of injuring my back with the torquing motion. Since webcam training with Dawn, I haven't thrown out my back, I've lost the fear and regained confidence in my body, and, along with it, freedom of motion in my core. 18 months later, I weigh over 10 lbs less without significant changes to my diet and lifestyle, gained muscle, developed definition and strength all over--especially in my arms and shoulders, which I never had!--and my husband's even so impressed that he's now training with Dawn, too! Dawn is not like the TV trainers--she doesn't yell and doesn't project aggressive, overly masculine energy, and she is always encouraging, supportive, and pushes me through exercises I didn't think I could do. She doesn't use shame tactics, and I always feel better about myself after spending time with her. Best of all, working out with Dawn is working smarter, not just harder. She's also so knowledgeable about the body, so anybody--even people with injuries--are in good hands with her. I am so glad that I found her, and I look forward to many more years of training with her!

Alice S.


Dawn has literally changed my life.  I came to her with abdominal nerve damage that made traditional exercises like situps and pushups painful.  I had compensated for years, and was all lopsided.  One leg was bigger than the other, my balance was off, etc.  I don't know all the certifications Dawn has (but I know she has several), but I do know that she is so incredibly knowledgeable about what she does that she has evened out my muscle groups, strengthened my core, improved my cardio fitness, and made me stronger and happier.  Dawn's Skype workouts are fun and challenging, and  they are tailored to the individual and never exactly the same.  We also discuss nutrition and recipes.  Up until recently I did all this in just one workout with her a week (and she gives homework if you're willing and able, but not if it's too much).  Now I try to squeeze in a second workout with her here and there.  To top it all off, Dawn is a really good person.

Jonica H


Dawn is the perfect trainer. 
* No judgment--she sincerely wants help you be fit and healthy, and doesn't care what shape you're in.  
* She knows her business.  When I started seeing her I was limping and my doctor and physical therapist couldn't cure it.  She could tell what it was immediately and I was walking better in an hour.  
* Her workouts are tailored to you.  She assesses you as you do the workout, and will adjust as you go along. 
* Every workout is different. In 1-1/2 years, there have been no repeat workouts, and very few repeats of individual exercises.  
* Every session is a full-body workout. 
* And, she's a great person to spend an hour with!

Maureen T

Webcam Personal Training

  • Thanks to technology you still can workout via webcam with your personal trainer. All you need is access to a web cam, iPhone, or iPad and it is just like you are in the same room as your trainer! Through a video call you are able to see your trainer demonstrate your exercises as she watches and corrects you via web camera. Currently Blackstone Fitness trains clients via the web in California, Germany, Seattle, Virginia, Arizona, South Carolina, Missouri,  Oregon and, Massachusetts.


    All webcam personal training sessions are 55 minutes. One on one personal training session with customized workout with Dawn Blackstone.

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