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Turkey Leg Challenge!

Don't wait til January to work it off, get your Turkey Legs moving now!

Research proves over and over that it is easier to prevent weight gain versus trying to lose it later. 

Starts Friday 11/3-11/17







Blackstone Fit's 14 Day Turkey Leg Challenge will work your lower body (including glutes) with alternating movement days.  Leg muscles are some of the largest muscles in your body, therefore, they will increase your metabolism and your body will burn more calories (even while resting)!   







ACCOUNTABILITY WEEK (when you need it most!) 11/18-11/23
I hold you accountable via tracking on the Blackstone Fit app until Thanksgiving Day!


*Includes 14 day Challenge plus

Bonus Accountability week

(see below)

Get ahead of holiday weight gain by participating in Blackstone Fit's Turkey Leg Challenge

Thanksgiving Dinner


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