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Blackstone Fit helps you find your fit. Working together we slowly adapt your lifestyle to reach your goals.  This includes daily movement, eating real food, strength training, sleeping well, increased energy, and enjoying your life!  

Dawn Blackstone founded Blackstone Fit in 2007 as an option for getting fit outside of a gym.  Over the years, Blackstone Fit has evolved to mobile and online training, and monthly online memberships to keep you Blackstone Fit.  When you follow my programs you will increase lean muscle and lose body fat!  You can do all of this with your own body weight and a few simple pieces of equipment, at home, in a gym, outside, or while traveling! 

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Dawn Blackstone, Owner


Dawn Blackstone CPT, CES, ASNS BMS


  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer

  • NASM CES (Corrective Exercise Specialist)

  • NASM Certified Advanced Sports Nutrition Specialist

  • NASM Certified Behavior Modification Specialist

  • NASM Certified Golf Fitness Specialist

  • FEO Female Training Specialist

  • ATI Consultant - NASM (2010)

  • Contracted Trainer of The Four Seasons Seattle (2007-2017)


My philosophy of exercise comes directly from my life.   I grew up active in sports, martial arts, cooking, and a passion for the outdoors. This provided a natural base for me to transition into teaching others how to live a healthy lifestyle and keep active by enjoying the physical nature of exercise.

I take a holistic approach to inspire and motivate my clients to find their balance in living a fit lifestyle. What we feed our body reflects in how our body behaves. ‘Moderation, not deprivation’ is my motto.  I do not believe in diets.  Our habits define our lifestyle and if we make slow and small changes overtime our lifestyles will change.


  -Dawn Blackstone

If you change nothing, nothing will change.
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"Dawn is not like the TV trainers.  She doesn't yell or project aggressive, overly masculine energy!  She is always encouraging, supportive, and pushes me through exercises I didn't think I could do!"

—  Alice S.

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