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Healthy Happy Hour

Healthy Happy Hour

It is possible to have a health happy hour? Just because wings, fried calamari, and margaritas are on most Happy Hour Menus – it doesn’t mean there aren’t better choices.

On most (not all) Happy Hour Menus there are usually a few heart & waist friendly options. Instead of ordering the fancy sugar filled cocktail on special, a glass of wine or a lite beer is a good start..If there are absolutely no healthy options, then order off of the regular menu for a healthy happy hour.

I know it is Happy Hour and you may think the point is to save a few bucks, but is it really worth it when you are going to undo your awesome workout you did earlier in the day just to save a few dollars? Do yourself a favor and keep your body “Happy” by choosing what is good for you, and in the long run you will save many future dollars in health care by cutting your chances of getting a disease related to a poor diet.

Tips For a Healthy Happy Hour:

*Bypass ALL fried foods

*Choose oyster shooters, the hummus plate, grilled fish tacos (minus the cream sauce of course), steamed mussels or clams (hold the butter), mini sliders (minus the mayo and fries), or Caesar salad (sub balsamic vinaigrette for Caesar dressing)

*Stay away from the mixed specialty drinks - margaritas can have up to 500 calories! (many of those are from simple syrup that is added to most mixed specialty drinks).

*Stick to wine or beer (lite beer & stouts are best, with lager and pale ales behind).

*Avoid Porters, Scottish Ales, and wheat beers or unfiltered beers such as Mac and Jacks.

*Clear liquors are a good choice mixed with soda water (not tonic) and splash of juice with fresh lemon or lime.

*Order a glass of water for every cocktail you consume*Back up plan- order a healthy option off the regular menu

*Be Happy

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