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If Your Trainer Is Not Correcting You, They Are Neglecting You!

Personal Trainer

You are paying your personal trainer to teach you, correct you, motivate you, inspire you, and push you. You are not paying your trainer to hurt you! Exercising improperly can injure you, either immediately or over time. For example, if you repetitively put your weight in your toes while squatting, you are very likely to develop knee pain/injury over time. Keeping your weight in your heels also ensures you are working your quad and glute muscles, not your knee joints.

Your trainer should have both eyes on you at all times. It is our job as trainers to make sure we are watching your form throughtout each exercise and your entire session. Usually this entails numerous form and posture corrections.

Here are a few I am known to say many times per day:

-keep your belly tucked in and core tight -keep your weight in your heels -don’t forget to breathe -squeeze your shoulder blades -keep chin up and elbows wide -don’t turtle your neck -slow down

With the close eye of your trainer you will be less likely to injure yourself during your workouts and more likely to remember and use proper form when exercising on your own.

If you haven’t heard any corrections from your trainer recently don’t assume it’s because you are perfect! If you were perfect, you wouldn’t need a trainer. Even if you have been working with a trainer for years, make sure your trainers eyes remain on you and not their phone, the tv, or another person

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