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Hotel Workout

Travel Workout

If you need a hotel workout and have no equipment, here is a workout for you – you can do it outside or in the privacy of your own hotel room!

*This is an intermediate workout plan for an average fit person, not recommended for first time exercisers.

** to increase intensity of each exercise slow down your tempo to slow motion

Traveling Strength Workout:

*warm up 5-10 minutes (walk stairs, jumping jacks, dancing etc.)

Hotel Workout:

  • Reverse lunges with opposite hand tap down to front foot. Keep your belly button tucked in tight entire time and your weight in front heel when stepping back. When you look down you want to see your toes of front foot! Do 12-15 reps on 1 leg, then switch legs

  • Push ups with opposite shoulder tap: On either your knees or feet, each time you do 1 push up (keeping your body flat as a board and belly button pulled in, gently tap 1 hand to opposite shoulder, alternating with each push up, 12-15 reps

  • 15-25 jumping jacks with a squat in between and both hands touch floor with each jack

  • Chair/Couch/Bench Squat: standing on front of furniture, with hands crossed behind head, sit down until your butt barely touches and as you raise back up squeeze glutes. Make sure your feet are just far enough in front of bench that you can still see your toes when you sit down., 15-20 reps

  • Plank to Pikes: From knees, come up onto your forearms and feet with your body as straight as a board, keep elbows directly under shoulders and hands split apart. From this plank position suck your abs up even tighter and slowly raise your hips up a high as you can, hold 2 seconds and release. Repeat 10-15 times

  • Jog in place 1 minute with high knees

  • Side lunge with toe touch: from standing position take wide step to the side (leg stepping will be bent, other leg remains straight but not locked), reach down with opposite hand to bent leg toe. Return to starting position and repeat 10-15 times, then switch legs

  • Tricep dips: sit on edge of bench, chair/ couch with hand on either side of your buttock. Lift your hips off (legs bent is easier than legs extended out in front) and lower body while bending arms behind you (keep elbows in towards body) 10-15 reps

  • Bird Dogs: on hands and knees lift up opposite arm and opposite leg reaching them out, only bring to the height of your own body. Hold 2 seconds and release and switch sides. 15 reps each side

*cool down and stretch. I recommend holding your static stretches for a min of 20 seconds post workout.

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