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Unique Exercise!

Are you getting bored with your routine or losing motivation for your workouts? Get outside your box and sign up for a unique exercise class or activity that is both interesting and physically challenging.

I have taken my own advice and joined clients in:

  • Trapeze aerial dance classes

  • Barre classes

  • Roller skating

  • Ice skating

  • Scuba diving

It’s been a lot of fun and quite the workouts! A trapeze workout will build you up physically and mentally as well as develop your balance and timing…not to mention lots of laughs and letting loose to the music! Barre class combines ballet type movements with lots of tiny pulses that burn, burn, burn. Roller and ice skating not only burns calories, makes you smile, but also works those important lateral muscles that help stabilize our ankles, knees and hips. And you may never guess, but scuba diving is a major workout….from carrying all your gear, suiting up, and kicking around in the quiet underworld.

So go ahead and try some unique exercise – like belly dancing, martial arts, kickball, dodge ball, or Synchronized swimming!

Unique Exercise

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