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Mom & Me Workout

Mom And Me Workout

Post pregnancy it can be very difficult to find any time at all - especially time to exercise. A Mom and Me workout is a great solution to this common problem. Including your child in exercise not only sets a good example for them but allows you multi task too. Instead of taking your child to Little Gym, how about an exercise program that includes your little one and helps you get your pre pregnancy body back? If you don’t have a child of your own, borrow your niece or nephew. Dads can do this workout too, and if you have twins you can all do it together – how’s that for family bonding!

Mom And Me Workout:

The only equipment needed here is your child and this workout can be done anywhere.

Try the following exercises one after another for 30 sec- 1 minute each & up to 3 rounds if you can keep their attention!

- plank game: you in plank, raise a limb until child touches it, repeat alternating different limbs

- hug child against chest while lunging (can be walking or stationary)

- wall sit with child sitting or climbing on you (sing a song or count numbers to keep child entertained)

- push up with ‘patty cake’ (each time clap 1 hand to his/hers), child sitting in front of you

- squats holding child at waist raising him/her from one side to floor, up and over to other side to floor

- crab with child climbing & hanging on you, alternate lifting each leg

- pile squats with child sitting with their back to you & their butt in your cradled hands, squat up and down

- stationary lunge with child sitting on front quad (sing ABC’s maybe)

- abs: lay on floor legs straight out, child sits on your thighs facing you, sit up and clap hands together or tickle him/her

*remember to keep the weight in your heels when lunging and squatting, and keep your core tight throughout all of the exercises. If you would like a more individualized workout designed just for you, check out my Customized ’On Your Own’ Workouts

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