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Walking vs Jogging

Walking vs Jogging
Walking vs jogging...which is better for weight loss?

Generally it’s the distance you cover, not the speed at which you reach that distance, that is important for immediate caloric burn. Walking a mile takes you longer than jogging a mile, but the calories burned will be about the same. However sprinting a mile will burn a few more calories. The next time you ask yourself which is better: walking vs jogging, remember the following:

~The average person burns approx 100 calories while walking or jogging 1 mile. However, the fitter you get, the less calories you will burn per mile. This can drop as low as 30 calories per mile!

~While you are exercising aerobically (i.e. jogging/walking) your metabolism is raised during that activity. When you stop, your metabolism goes back to normal.

~When you exercise anaerobically (i.e. sprinting, strength training) your metabolism stays raised after your workout as it continues to recover, and repair the muscles worked.

~Mix it up by including walking, jogging, and running or sprinting in your workout to create intervals which will keep your body challenged to avoid hitting a plateau.

The most important thing to remember when thinking about walking vs jogging is to just get out there and put one foot in front of the other, & have fun!

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