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Benefits Of A Personal Trainer

Benefits Of A Personal Trainer

Benefits Of A Personal Trainer:

~ To learn how to exercise properly (good technique) and avoid injury: A good trainer (not all trainers are good) will teach you how to exercise correctly by keeping your body in alignment and making sure your form is solid. A good trainer will watch you throughout each and every exercise to make sure you are moving properly and correcting you when you are slipping out of form or cheating your exercise.

~ To excel at a certain sport or event : If you’re training for a specific sport or event an experienced trainer can help you figure out what you need to do to stay strong during your season, as well as repairing and building up weakness for the up coming season or event. Make sure your trainer has sport specific training and has experience in your sport or event.

~ To be held accountable: Trainers come with built-in motivation. When you hire a trainer you are investing money into your exercise program…you’re investing time as well. There’s nothing like a paid for appointment to drag your butt in for a workout. A trainer provides accountability – even when you don’t have a session, you know your trainer will be asking if you did your ‘homework’. Just knowing that makes it harder to skip your workouts.

~ To be pushed harder than you would push yourself : A trainer can show you how to you to push past your comfortable routine, encouraging you to go longer, harder, and challenge yourself more than you do your own. It’s not easy to slack off with a trainer watching you and encouraging you to do… just 2 more!

~ To see results (your not seeing results on your own): If you’ve been exercising on your own for several weeks or months and aren’t seeing the results you wanted, hiring a trainer is just what you need! A trainer can look at your exercise program and eating habits and help you see where you could make changes or substitutions to be more effective in reaching your goals. A trainer can also tell you if your goals are realistic for you and educate you in long term lifestyle changes rather than temporary fixes.

~ To mix things up and learn new exercises (your bored with your same old workout) : After doing the same exercises for 4-6 weeks your body will adapt and you may hit a plateau. A good trainer will help you add variety to your workouts to keep your body challenged, as well as your mind.

~To learn exercises you don’t need a gym or equipment for (convenient for traveling): A trainer can design an exercise program for you that will give you independence and freedom. Not needing a gym membership or any special equipment frees you up to do your workout anywhere, even in your hotel room while traveling. Just a few sessions with a trainer can give you the tools you need to keep fit everywhere.

~ To identify and correct muscle imbalances to prevent future injuries: A trainer can identify and help correct muscle imbalances. Repetitive use movements can create muscle imbalances and injuries. We all know at least one person who sits at a desk all day long and often complains of a sore lower back. A trainer can help you strengthen weak areas which can relieve pain associated with the weakness.

~ You have a ‘special’ condition such as pregnancy, arthritis, heart condition etc. and need supervision and direction: If you have specific issues, working with an experienced trainer can give you a safe and effective workout designed specifically for you. A trainer will monitor your heart rate and intensity to make sure you stay within your limits.

~ You don’t know where to start! : Beginning a new exercise program can seem confusing and overwhelming. A trainer can create a program for you that fits specifically into your life and help you get balance through a fit lifestyle. A trainer can help you maximize your exercise time so you get the most out of your workouts, as well as, set limits so you don’t over due it and burn out.

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