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Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy Lifestyle

Do you know what a healthy lifestyle is? Many of us think we have a healthy lifestyle…

A healthy lifestyle does not include these things on a daily basis:

  • sitting all day

  • eating out

  • smoking (ever)

  • lack of adequate sleep

  • eating fatty, fried, or rich food

  • eating sugar

Common Things Preventing a Healthy Lifestyle:

  • sedentary job

  • lack of motivation/inspiration

  • demanding family life

  • lack of time

  • financial constraint

  • life distractions (parties, vacations, holidays, etc)

  • emotions (boredom, loneliness, grief, anger, stress)

  • not ready to change

  • over indulgence in drinking, sugar, and many other stimulants

  • smoking cigarettes

Unfortunately there is no perfect time to change your lifestyle to be healthier. Life will always be there tempting you to take the easy route. However there are a few things that can help you understand how to change your lifestyle, and most importantly make it a permanent change – the only true way to stay healthy.

  • Readiness & Commitment to Change – Until you are truly ready to change, it will not happen, or if it does it will be temporary. Identify your motivation for short term & long term.

  • Address Emotional Eating – Eating as a reaction to boredom, loneliness, grief, anger or stress is often a source of unwanted pounds. Identify your source and work with a professional to address these issues.

  • Time Distribution -Adjust your bedtime and rise time. Think about how you spend your free time. Do you make time for shopping, cooking, preparing and packing healthy foods? How do you spend your time entertaining and socializing with family and friends.

  • Accountability- Do you have an accountability partner? A friend, family member or trainer can help you keep motivated and inspired to reach your goals. If you know your friend is waiting for you at 6am out in the dark and cold, you are less likely to stay in bed. If you are paying a trainer to teach you how to exercise properly, you are less likely to skip the workout.

  • Education - Do you know how to lose weight in a healthy & permanent way? A 1-2 lb weight loss per week is healthy. The Biggest Loser way is not healthy. A pound = 3000 calories. A mile walked or ran burns an average of 100 calories. A typical cheeseburger and fries is approx 1200+ calories.

  • Plan- You need to have a plan to live a healthy lifestyle. A plan for when attending parties, dinner engagements, vacations, and all of life’s everyday occasions that will always be there challenging you.

A healthy lifestyle does include these things daily:

  • eating 5+ servings of fresh produce

  • sleeping at least 7 hours nightly

  • drinking at least 64 oz water

  • exercising at least 30 min per day

  • cooking and preparing healthy fresh foods

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